Xtracycle SnackBars ohne Halterung

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Our SnackBars are the perfect addition to your passengering system. It allows you to add front or rear handholds to your existing Hooptie or use a set with one Hooptie rail to make a doorway for kids to get on and off easily. NOTE: You need a Hooptie already to purchase this product.


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CHF 75.00 inkl. MwSt.zzgl. Versandkosten

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Double SnackBar Set-Up

Use two SnackBars for two older passengers or use it on the RFA Sport Rack to make a mini-Hooptie.

Replaceable Grips

We use comfortable, cushy, bar tape to wrap our SnackBars so that when you need to replace them, it easy. Pictured here on the Hooptie but the same wrap is used on our SnackBars.

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